Andreas Koutselos (Lab director)
Intermolecular forces and transport properties of ions in gases. Thermodynamics far from equilibrium.
Georgios A. Souliotis
Dynamics and thermodynamics of nuclear reactions

Associate Professors
Aristotle Papakondylis
Ab initio quantum chemical calculations.
Athanasios Tsekouras
Surface properties and chemistry

Associate Professors (cont.)
Demeter Tzeli
Theoretical and computational Chemistry

Assistant Professors
Apostolos Kalemos
High precision ab initio calculations.
Anthoula Papageorgiou
Surface reactions and structure

Temporary teaching position (2022-2023)
Emmanouil Kainourgiakis
Chemical Kinetics and Physical Chemistry Labs.

Former members:
Maria Andrianopoulou-Palaiologou
Thermodynamic properties of liquid mixtures of non-aqueous solvents.
Vasiliki Havredaki
Thermodynamic properties of surfactants.
Phryni Aroni-Karayianni
Surface phenomena. Solvent effect in surfactants' behaviour.
Theodoros Kalogerakos
Thermodynamic properties of biomolecules using radiochemical methods.
Aristides Mavridis
Ab initio quantum chemical calculations on small molecular systems. Study of the chemical bond.
Ioanna Providaki-Molinou
Transport properties of electrolytes in mixed solvents. Ion-solvent interactions.
John Papaioannou
Crystal structure and electric properties of solids using dielectric spectroscopy.
Jannis Samios
Molecular dynamics simulations on liquids in normal and supercritical phases.
Kyriakos Viras
Raman Spectroscopy on macromolecules. Thermal properties of materials.
John Xexakis

Preparationist: Mr. Vasilis Meligonis
Secretary: Ms. Poulia Gourna
Former Secretary: Ms. Aggeliki Georgiou-Athanassiou
Former Preparationist: Ms. Eugenia Mavrouli-Erippi

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