Phryni Aroni-Karayianni
Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry (retired)
1969 B.Sc. in Physics (University of Athens)
1987 Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (University of Athens)
Ph.D. Thesis Title: "Decomposition of propanol-2 in simple and mixed catalysts supported on SiO2."
Research Field of Interest
Physicochemical study of micellar systems of surfactants and ivestigation of the molecular structure effect in the micellar properties.
Physical Chemistry Laboratory (Undergraduate)
Book Authorship
1."Laboratory Exercises in Physical Chemistry B'"- I. Molinou and V. Havredaki, eds. (author on some chapters), Athens 1994 (in Greek).
2. "Chemical Kinetics", Ph. Aroni-Karayianni, Athens, 1998 (in Greek).
1. "The effect of aqueuous formamide solutions on the behaviour of bolaform surfactants.", Ph. Aroni and V. Havredaki, Poster Presentation, Rhodes, 1999.
2. "Study of the molybdenum phase on Be2+- and Mg2+-modified silica surface with laser-Raman spectroscopy", Ph. Aroni, Poster Presentation, 13th Panhellenic Chemistry Conference, Athens, 1991.
Selected Papers
1. "Characterization of Mo Species Supported on SiO2 Modified with Be2+ and Mg2+", Ph. Aroni, Ber. Bunsenges. Phys. Chem. 101, 1544 (1997)
2. "Volumetric behavior of a bolaamphiphile in amides-water and ethylene glycol- water mixtures", F. Aroni, A. Kelarakis and V. Havredaki, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 292 236-243 (2005)
Dr. Phryni Aroni-Karayianni
Laboratory of Physical Chemistry
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