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Theoretical Chemistry

Ab initio Quantum Chemistry
- Study of the molecular and electronic structure of small molecules via ab initio quantum chemical calculations.
Ab initio computing facilities
Molecular Dynamics Simulations
- Study of the intermolecular forces in liquids in normal and supercritical phases.
- Study of the properties of non-equilibrium systems.
Molecular dynamics simulations group
Ab initio Quantum Chemistry
- High accuracy quantum chemical calculations.
Ab initio computing facilities
Statistical Thermodynamics far from equilibrium
- Ion transport in electrostatic field studied via kinetic theory and computer simulations.
Molecular dynamics simulations group

Thermodynamic Properties

Electrolytes and Solvents
- Study of the thermodynamic properties (viscosity, conductivity, etc.) of liquid mixtures.
Solution Thermodynamics
- Study of the thermal and thermodynamic properties (viscosity, surface tension, etc.) of macromolecular solutions and biomolecules.
- Study of the thermodynamic properties of molten solids and polymers.
Scanning calorimeter


Dielectric Spectroscopy
- Electric properties and structure of solids as a function of temperature.
Dielectric spectroscopy
Raman Spectroscopy
- Temperature dependent studies of molecular conformations
FT Raman
Surface Science

Nuclear Chemistry

- Adsorption/desorption of gases at low temperatures
Surface Chemistry
- Analysis of nuclear reaction data.
- Observation and analysis of elementary radioactive processes.

Radiochemistry Laboratory
Facilities - Equipment list
- Walk-in cooler
Cooler inside
- Machine shop
Machine Shop
Machine Shop
Complete list of master's theses titles and doctoral theses titles awarded through the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry. MSc. and Ph. D. theses titles awarded through the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry as well as a complete list of research articles published during the period 1996 - 2000 is available. The corresponding lists of theses and publications in pdf and html formats for the period 2001-2005 are also available. All theses and papers publisched in the years 2006-2010 can be found here.