Doctoral Theses

  1. S. Kapellos:
    Ab initio calculations on amide metal cations MNH2+, M = Ti, V, Cr, Mn
    (1991, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  2. D. Dellis:
    Intermolecular structure and dynamic behavior study of compressed molecular systems via statistical mechanics and molecular dynamics simulations
    (1995, Advisor: J. Samios)
  3. J. Kapoutsis:
    Synthesis and spectroscopic study of amorphous materials with technological importance.
    (1998, Academic Advisor: J. Papaioannou, Institute: E. I. E, Scientific Advisor: E. Kamitsos)
  4. M. Soutzidou:
    Structure of crystalline molecular chains.
    (1998, Advisor: K. Viras)
  5. Th. Steriotis:
    Study of the single - phase relative permeability in alumina and carbon membranes
    (1998, Academinc Advisor: V. Havredaki, Institute: Demokritos, Scientific Advisor: N. Kanellopoulos)
  6. F. Katsaros:
    Pore structure characterization and evaluation of selectivity of carbon and alumina membranes using permeability techniques
    (1999, Academinc Advisor: V. Havredaki, Institute: Demokritos, Scientific Advisor: N. Kanellopoulos)
  7. A. Papadakis:
    Electrochemical photoelectrochemical study of electrodes coated with polyoxometallic coumpounds
    (1999, Academic Advisor: A. Mavridis, Institute: Demokritos, Scientific Advisor: E. Papakonstantinou)
  8. A. Kalemos:
    Ab initio calculations on metal borides MB+, M = Sc, Ti, V and Cr. Ground and low-lying excited states
    (1999, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  9. M. Chalaris:
    A Statistical Mechanics investigation of molecular liquid systems of protic (MeOH, H2O) and aprotic (DMSO, DMF) solvents via Molecular Dynamics simulations.
    (1999, Advisor: J. Samios)
  10. S. Makedonopoulou:
    X-Ray crystallography study of cyclodextrine complexes
    (2000, Advisor: A. Mavridis, Institute: Demokritos, Scientific Advisor: I. Mavridis)
  11. D. Tzeli:
    I. Structure and interaction energy of the van der Waals systems C2H2-(H2O)x, x = 1 - 4 and CHy-H2O, y = 1 and II. Electronic structure of the carbides BC, BC-, HBC, AlC, AlC- and HlC via ab initio calculations.
    (2000, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  12. M. Kenouriakis:
    Simulation of the adsorption, diffusion and separation of gases through porouw media via network modelling and percolation theory
    (2000, Advisor: I. Samios, Institute: Demokritos, Scientific Advisor: N. Kanellopoulos)
  13. A. Kelarakis:
    Micellar and rheological behavior of aqueous solutions of ethylene oxide block copolymers
    (2001, Advisor: V. Havredaki)
  14. P. Xynogalas:
    Structure of -aminoacids lipids and their derivatives
    (2002, Advisor: K. Viras)
  15. N. Tsierkezos:
    Structure and dynamics of ionic and molecular interactions in solutions of mixed organic solvents
    (2002, Advisor: I. Molinou)
  16. I. S. K. Kerkines:
    I. Theoretical study of metal carbides TiC+, VC+ and CrC+. II. The nature of the chemical bond in the N5+ cation and related systems
    (2003, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  17. G. Chatzis:
    Study of molecular systems via statistical mechanics theory and simulation methods. Application in supercritical binary mixtures of CO2 with the polar solvents H2O and CH3OH
    (2005, Advisor: J. Samios)
  18. I. Skarmoutsos:
    Theoretical - computational study of the effect of thermodynamic paramaters in the establishment of macroscopic, structural and dynamic properties of molecular systems in the hypercritical state
    (2006, Advisor: J. Samios)
  19. C. Koukounas:
    Ab intio investigation of the electronic structure of the diatomic metal fluorides MF, M = Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu
    (2007, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  20. S. Kardahakis:
    Ab intio calculations on MCl
    (2007, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  21. V. Charalampopoulos:
    Investigation of the poyiodide inclusion complexes of - and -cyclodextrin with metal ions via dielectric and Raman spectroscopy
    (2008, Advisor: J. Papaioannou)
  22. G. Lithoxoos:
    Theoretical - computational investigation of the adsorption of molecular fluids in carbon and silicon nanoporous materials
    (2009, Advisor: J. Samios)
  23. E. Pollatos:
    Morphology and structure of nano-polymeric materials and their behaviour in electromagnetic shielding applications
    (2009, Advisor: K. Viras)
  24. E. Miliordos:
    Electronic structure of MO0, oxides, M = Sc, Ti, Cr, Mn, through ab initio calculations
    (2010, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  25. P. Chatzigeorgiou:
    Physicochemical study of interactions of bioactive molecules on lipid membranes
    (2012, Advisor: K. Viras)
  26. C. Sakellaris:
    Ab initio investigation of the electronic structure of diatomic metal oxides FeO and CoO and their respective ions FeO and CoO
    (2012, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  27. I. Litinas:
    Molecular dynamics of flexible macromolecules in an electric field
    (2016, Advisor: A. Koutselos)
  28. E. Kainourgiakis:
    Study of aqueous and organic solutions of surfactants via statistical mechanics theory and computational methods-simulations. Application on molecular systems of N,N,N-trimethyldecane-1-anine chloride in aqueous and organic environment
    (2021, Advisor: I.Samios)
Master theses