Master's Theses

  1. D. Tzeli:
    Ab initio calculations on P-X and Y-Li2 molecular systems, where X=Li, Na and Y=N, P
    (1997, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  2. G. Chatzis:
    Investigation of the molecular liquid system HCl /CCl4 using the Molecular Dynamics simulation technique
    (1997, Advisor: J. Samios)
  3. S. Kypreos:
    Thermal and spectroscopical study of synthetic and natural materials.
    (1998, Advisor: K. Viras)
  4. N. Papadimitropoulos:
    Dielectric spectroscopy of cyclodextrin complexes
    (1999, Advisor: J. Papaioannou)
  5. A. Kelarakis:
    Micellar properties of aqueous solutions of oxyethylene/oxybutylene copolymers
    (1999, Advisor: V. Havredaki)
  6. N. Tsierkezos:
    Ionic and intramolecular interactions in the system copper sulfate - water - ethyleneglycol
    (1999, Advisor : I. Molinou - Providaki)
  7. I. S. K. Kerkines:
    Ab initio calculations on molecular systems LiHe, LiHe2 and ScC+
    (1999, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  8. S. Marinakis:
    Investigation of the molecular system Xe /N2 using the Molecular Dynamics simulation technique in the supercritical region
    (1999, Advisor: J. Samios)
  9. P. Vavvas:
    Investigation of the Hydrogen Bond in liquid and supercritical molecular systems using the Molecular Dynamics method.
    (2000, Advisor: J. Samios)
  10. P. Stefanidou:
    NMR study of -cyclodextrine complexes
    (2000, Academic Advisor: A. Mavridis, Institute: Demokritos, Scientific Advisor: I. Mavridis)
  11. A. Avramopoulos:
    Molecular polarizability and hyperpolarizability calculations
    (2000, Advisor: A. Mavridis, Institute: National Hellenic Research Foundation, Scientific Advisor: M. Papadopoulos)
  12. A. Ghikas:
    Dielectric properties of: (i) - and - cyclodextrin polyiodide complexes with metal ions Li+, K+, Cd2+ and Ba2+, (ii) -cyclodextrin complexes with 2,3- and 4-methylcyclohexanol
    (2001, Advisor: J. Papaioannou)
  13. S. Doulas:
    Structure and morphology study of diblock copolymer of oxyethylene and oxybutylene
    (2001, Advisor: K. Viras)
  14. A. Koufou:
    Fluid adsorption in porous systems: The case of molecular hydrogen in carbon nanotubes via statistical mechanical Monte Carlo molecular Simulation
    (2003, Advisor: J. Samios)
  15. G. Balla:
    Dynamics and ion transport phenomena in semidens gases subject to electrostatic fields
    (2003, Advisor: A. Koutselos)
  16. I. Skarmoutsos:
    Statistical mechanical study of the properties of supercritical CO2 and liquid cis-trans mixture of N-methylformamide (NMF) via molecular simulation techniques
    (2003, Advisor: J. Samios)
  17. A. Tsoulouha:
    Electronic structure of zinc monocarbide (ZnC) via quantum ab initio calculations
    (2003, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  18. L. Kampanakis:
    Statistical mechanics study of the Vapor-Liquid eauilibrium of various molecular systems and mixtures via the computer simulation technique 'Gibbs Ensemble Monte Carlo'
    (2004, Advisor: J. Samios)
  19. S. Kardahakis:
    Theoretical investigation of the electronic structure of the diatomic fluorides VF and CrF
    (2004, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  20. C. Koukounas:
    Theoretical investigation of the electronic structure of the diatomic fluorides TiF and MnF
    (2004, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  21. G. Lithoxoos:
    Statistical Mechanical approach of adsorption of Molecular Hydrogen in Carbon and Silicon Nanotubes via Monte Carlo Simulation Technique
    (2004, Advisor: J. Samios)
  22. A. Mitsopoulou:
    Physicochemical study of phase transitions of methionine and nor-leucine in the temperature range 0 - 200C
    (2004, Advisor: K. Viras)
  23. G. Mouselimi:
    Effects of captopril in lipid bilayers using DSC and Ramana Spectroscopy
    (2004, Advisor: K. Viras)
  24. S. Gega:
    Conformational analysis of a novel antihypertensive drug, MM3, using nuclear magnetic resonance. Effects of MM3 in lipid bilayers using DSC and Raman spectroscopy
    (2005, Advisor: K. Viras)
  25. B. Haralambopoulos:
    Dielectric and Raman spectroscopy of -cyclodextrine polyiodide complexes with metal ions Li+, K+, Cd2+, Ba2+ Cs+
    (2005, Advisor: J. Papaioannou)
  26. K. Potamitis:
    Use of physicochemical methods to investigate the conformational properties of the antihypertensive drug Valsartan and its interactions with membrane bilayers
    (2006, Advisor: K. Viras)
  27. I. Halkefs:
    Conformational analysis of the novel pharmaceutical molecule MMK2 using physicochemical methods and study its interactions with lipid bilayers
    (2006, Advisor: K. Viras)
  28. E. Miliordos:
    Theoretical study of the electronic structure of vanadium oxides, VO0,
    (2006, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  29. M. Trimithiotou:
    Statistical mechanics study of Cl-, Na+/methanol solution under subcritical and supercritical conditions via molecular dynamics simulation
    (2006, Advisor: J. Samios)
  30. N. Margetis:
    Intermoolecular potential and transport phenomena of O2+ in partially dense Kr under the influence of an electric field
    (2006, Advisor: A. Koutselos)
  31. N. Elpidoforou:
    Statistical mechanics study of the properties of the liquid mixture of the organic solvents N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) and N-methylformamide (NMF)
    (2007, Advisor: J. Samios)
  32. P. Chatzigeorgiou:
    Physicochemical analysis of phase transitions which are presented in the racemic compound of natural amino acid DL-Norvaline and its interactions with models of biological membranes, such as DPPC
    (2007, Advisor: K. Viras)
  33. D. Papamatthaiakis:
    Micellization properties of surface active agent sodium bis-(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate in aqueous amide solution
    (2008, Advisor: V. Havredaki)
  34. H. Litinas:
    Micellar thermodynamics properties and interactions of amphiphile molecules in aqueous amino acids solutions
    (2008, Advisor: V. Havredaki)
  35. N. Papakonstantopoulos:
    Physicochemical study of the interactions of the amino acids DL-Norleucine and DL-Methionine with models of biological membranes such as DPPC
    (2009, Advisor: K. Viras)
  36. D. Charisi:
    Statistical mechanical study of angiotensin II in pure H2O and (H2O / EtOH) 65/35 solvents at different temperatures
    (2010, Advisor: J. Samios)
  37. K. Tsampalis:
    Statistical mechanical study of the vapor - liquid equilibrium of the pure components SF6 and Xenon as well as their binary mixtures through Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    (2010, Advisor: J. Samios)
  38. A. Mourelatou:
    Study of interactions of the bioactine molecule tiliroside and the acetyl derivative of tiliroside with models of biological membrane DPPC
    (2010, Advisor: K. Viras)
  39. G. Kouzilos:
    Study of mechanical and physicochemical properties of reformed polyethylene samples
    (2010, Advisor: K. Viras)
  40. M. Anagnostopoulou:
    Kinetic properties and distribution of energy of ions in fluids under the action of an electrostatic field through gaussian wave packet dynamics
    (2011, Advisor: A. Koutselos)
  41. C. Dimitroulis:
    Statistical mechanical study of partially miscible system of 1-hexanol - water via molecular dynamics simulation method
    (2012, Advisor: J. Samios)
  42. A. Vasilakis:
    Accurate ab initio electronic calculations on the dihalogen ClF and the corresponding ions ClF
    (2012, Advisor: A. Mavridis)
  43. I. Magoulas:
    First principles investigation of the electronic structure of the diatomic molecules BF, BF+ and BAs
    (2013, Advisor: A. Kalemos)
  44. P. Fountas:
    Comprehensive study of neutron rich rare isotope production in peripheral reactions of heavy ions in the 15- 25 MeV/neucleon beam energy range
    (2013, Advisor: G. Souliotis)
  45. N. Vonda:
    Microscopic description of nuclear fission of low and medium energies via the CoMD (Constrained Molecular Dynamics) model
    (2014, Advisor: G. Souliotis)
  46. I. Gavra:
    Spontaneous polarization of thin alcohol films at low temperatures
    (2014, Advisor: A. Tsekouras)
  47. I. Rigas:
    Ceramic membranes supported by ionic liquids for the separation and capture of carbon dioxide
    (2015, Academic Advisor: J. Papaioannou, Institute: Demokritos, Scientific Advisor: N. Kanellopoulos)
  48. E. Kenourgiakis:
    Investigation of the properties of low molecular weight n-alkanes in infinite dilution in various solvents and at conditions close to the critical point
    (2015, Advisor: J. Samios)
  49. A. Asimakopoulou:
    Complete description of the spallation reaction induced by high energy proton via the CoMD (Constrained Molecular Dynamics) model
    (2016, Advisor: G. Souliotis)
  50. A. Pilidi:
    Spontaneous polarization of thin films of primary alcohols and ethers
    (2016, Advisor: A. Tsekouras)
  51. L. Spyrogiannopoulos:
    Study of physico-chemical properties of ionic liquid and mixtures under standard conditions via molecular simulation computational techniques
    (2017, Advisor: J. Samios)
  52. A. Papageorgiou:
    Production of rare neutron-rich isotopes wih low energy neutrons via the CoMD (Constrained Molecular Dynamics) model
    (2017, Advisor: G. Souliotis)
  53. S. Papadimitriou:
    Microscopic study of nuclear fission with low energy neutrons via the CoMD (Constrained Molecular Dynamics) model
    (2017, Advisor: G. Souliotis)
  54. S.-A. Adamopoulos:
    Study of spontaneous polarization of thin films of acetone, butanal and toluene and its dependence on temperature
    (2017, Advisor: A. Tsekouras)
  55. P. Fylaktos:
    Effect of the temperature on the structure of flexible macromolecules in an electric field
    (2018, Advisor: A. Koutselos)
  56. N. -N. Onoufriou:
    Molecular simulations statistical mechanics calculations study of DMSO/water mixtures with a xDMSO mole fraction around the melting point
    (2018, Advisor: J. Samios)
  57. G. Tourlakis:
    Study of spontaneous polarization of thin films of propanal and esters at low temperatures
    (2019, Advisor: A. Tsekouras)
  58. O. Fasoula:
    Cross section and angular distribution study of neutron rich isotopes from reactions at 15 MeV/nucleon energy
    (2019, Advisor: G. Souliotis)