K. Viras: Publications

  1. Influence of preferential solvation on size of polymers in solution in solvent mixtures
    Dondos A, Viras K, Aroni F
    Eur. Polym. J. 9 1051-1061 (1973)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/0014-3057(73)90082-7]
  2. Study of molecular dimensions of dissolved polymers in polar and nonpolar binary solvent mixtures .1. Poly-2-vinylpyridine
    Vira F, Viras K, Aroni F, Dondos A.
    Eur. Polym. J. 10 891-896 (1974)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/0014-3057(74)90023-8]
  3. Conformational transition of polyvinyl-chloride in solution in binary-mixtures of polar and non-polar solvents
    Mitsou-Clappas A, Viras K
    Eur. Polym. J. 16 205-210 (1980)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/0014-3057(80)90205-0]
  4. Low-frequency Raman-scattering from methylene-oxyethylene-methylene triblock oligomers
    Swales TGE, Teo HH, Domszy RC, Viras K, King TA, Booth C
    J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Phys. 21 1501-1511 (1983)
  5. Raman-scattering from the longitudinal acoustic mode of oligo-oxyethylene
    Viras K, Teo HH, Marshall A, Domszy RC, King TA, Booth C
    J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Phys. 21 919-927 (1983)
  6. Low-frequency dynamics of solid poly(L-alanine) from Raman-spectroscopy
    Tipping M, Viras K, King TA
    Biopolymers 23 2891-2899 (1984)
  7. Effect of temperature on low-frequency Raman-scattering from crystalline pentadecaethylene glycol di-n-octadecyl ether
    Viras K, King TA, Booth C
    J. Chem. Soc. Faraday T. 2 81 491-501 (1985)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/F29858100491]
  8. Low-frequency excitations in amorphous polyvinyl acetate)
    Viras F, Viras KG, King TA
    J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Phys. 23 609-614 (1985)
  9. Low-frequency Raman-active modes and temperature dependences in oligo-oxyethylene
    Viras K, King TA, Booth C
    J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Phys. 23 471-481 (1985)
  10. The effect of temperature on the low-frequency Raman-scattering from pentadecaethylene glycol di-normal-hexyl ether and related materials
    Viras K, King TA, Booth C
    J. Chem. Soc. Faraday T. 2 81 1477-1485 (1985)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/F29858101477]
  11. Application of the perturbed-elastic-rod model to the longitudinal acoustical modes of poly(oxyethylene)s and their n-hexadecyl ethers
    Viras F, Viras K, Campbell C, King TA, Booth C
    J. Chem. Soc. Faraday T. 2 83: 927-932 (1987)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/F29878300927]
  12. Morphology of poly(oxyethylene) methyl-n-alkyl ethers as determined by small-angle x-ray and Raman-scattering
    Viras K, Viras F, Campbell C, King TA, Booth C
    J. Chem. Soc. Faraday T. 2 83: 917-925 (1987)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/F29878300917]
  13. Crystalline morphology of block-copoly(oxypropylene oxyethylene oxypropylene) by small-angle x-ray and Raman-scattering
    Viras F, Luo YZ, Viras K, Mobbs RH, King TA, Booth C
    Makromol. Chem. 189 459-469 (1988)
  14. Polymer cosolvent system - poly(vinyl-2-pyridine) toluene ethyl-acetate
    Palaiologou M, Viras F, Viras K
    Eur. Polym. J. 24 1191-1193 (1988)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/0014-3057(88)90110-3]
  15. Preferential solvation in polymer cosolvent systems - polystyrene + cyclohexane + ethanol and poly(vinyl-2-pyridine) + nitromethane + carbon-tetrachloride
    Viras F, Viras K
    J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Phys. 26 2525-2533 (1988)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1002/polb.1988.090261210]
  16. Low-frequency Raman-spectra of even alpha,omega-disubstituted n-alkanes
    Viras K, Viras F, Campbell C, King TA, Booth C
    J. Phys. Chem. 93 3479-3483 (1989)
  17. Crystallinity of uniform oligo(oxyethylene) mono-alkyl ethers studied by Raman-spectroscopy
    Craven JR, Viras K, Masters AJ, Booth C
    J. Chem. Soc. Faraday T. 87 3677-3682 (1991)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/FT9918703677]
  18. Low-frequency Raman-active modes in alpha-methyl,omega-hydroxyoligo(oxyethylene)s
    Campbell C, Viras K, Masters AJ, Craven JR, Hao Z, Yeates SG, Booth C
    J. Phys. Chem. 95 4647-4651 (1991)
  19. Low-frequency Raman-active modes in methoxy-ended and hydroxy-ended oligo(oxyethylene)s
    Campbell C, Viras K, Booth C
    J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Phys. 29 1613-1621 (1991)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1002/polb.1991.090291307]
  20. Low-frequency Raman-spectra of odd alpha,omega-disubstituted n-alkanes
    Viras F, Viras K, Campbell C, King TA, Booth C
    J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Phys. 29 1467-1471 (1991)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1002/polb.1991.090291203]
  21. Solution properties of polystyrene in mixtures of toluene with ethyl-acetate
    Molinou I, Palaiologou M, Viras F, Viras K
    Eur. Polym. J. 27 277-279 (1991)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/0014-3057(91)90106-X]
  22. Crystallinity of uniform triblock oxyethylene methylene oxyethylene (E(M)C(N)E(M)) oligomers studied by x-ray-diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry and Raman-spectroscopy
    Campbell C, Viras K, Richardson MJ, Masters AJ, Booth C
    Makromol. Chem. 194 799-816 (1993)
  23. Polymer electrolytes formed from oxymethylene-linked poly(oxyethylene) and alkali-metal perchlorates studies by Raman-spectroscopy
    Viras K, Thatcher JH, Nicholas CV, Booth C
    Solid State Ionics 68 49-56 (1994)
  24. Low-frequency molecules modes in crystalline chain molecules
    Viras KG
    Macromol. Symp. 94: 121-128 (1995)
  25. Poly(oxyethylene) chains and rings studied by Raman-spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry
    Viras K, Yan ZG, Price C, Booth C, Ryan AJ
    Macromolecules (Washington, DC, U. S.) 28 104-109 (1995)
  26. Structures of oxyethylene oxybutylene diblock copolymers in their solid and liquid states
    Yang YW, Tanodekaew S, Mai SM, Booth C, Ryan AJ, Bras W, Viras K
    Macromolecules (Washington, DC, U. S.) 28 6029-6041 (1995)
  27. Bilayer lipid membranes as electrochemical detectors for flow injection immunoanalysis
    Dimitrios P. Nikolelis, Christina G. Siontorou, Vangelis G. Andreou, Kyriakos G. Viras, Ulrich J. Krull
    Electroanalysis 7, 1082 - 1089 (1995) [Feature article]
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1002/elan.1140071116]
  28. Preparation and crystallinity of a large unsubstituted crown ether, cyclic heptacosa(oxyethylene) (cyclo-E(27), 81-crown-27), studied by Raman spectroscopy, X-ray scattering and differential scanning calorimetry
    Yang Z, Yu GE, Cooke J, AliAdib Z, Viras K, Matsuura H, Ryan AJ, Booth C
    J. Chem. Soc. Faraday T. 92 3173-3182 (1996)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/a808092e]
  29. Chain folding in cyclic oligo(oxyethylene)s - Crystallinity of large unsubstituted crown ethers by X-ray scattering and differential scanning calorimetry
    Yang Z, Cooke J, Viras K, Gorry PA, Ryan AJ, Booth C
    J. Chem. Soc. Faraday T. 93 4033-4039 (1997)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/FT9969203173]
  30. Chain folding in semicrystalline oxyethylene/oxybutylene diblock copolymers
    Mai SM, Fairclough JPA, Viras K, Gorry PA, Hamley IW, Ryan AJ, Booth C
    Macromolecules (Washington, DC, U. S.) 30 8392-8400 (1997)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/ma971158f]
  31. Low-molar-mass cyclic poly(oxyethylene)s studied by Raman spectroscopy, X-ray scattering and differential scanning calorimetry
    Yu GE, Sun T, Yan ZG, Price C, Booth C, Cook J, Ryan AJ, Viras K
    Polymer 38 35-42 (1997)
  32. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Raman spectroscopy study of poly(dimethylsiloxane)
    Soutzidou M, Panas A, Viras K
    J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Phys. 36 2805-2810 (1998)
  33. Large cyclic poly(oxyethylene)s: Chain folding in the crystalline state studied by Raman spectroscopy, X-ray scattering, and differential scanning calorimetry
    Cooke J, Viras K, Yu GE, Sun T, Yonemitsu T, Ryan AJ, Price C, Booth C
    Macromolecules (Washington, DC, U. S.) 31 3030-3039 (1998)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/ma9717909]
  34. Chain folding in poly(epsilon-caprolactone) studied by small-angle X-ray scattering and Raman spectroscopy. A strategy for blending in the crystalline state
    Berrill SA, Heatley F, Collett JH, Attwood D, Booth C, Fairclough JPA, Ryan AJ, Viras K, Dutton AJ, Blundell RS
    J. Mater. Chem. 9 1059-1063 (1999)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/a808718k]
  35. Equilibrium chain folding in semicrystalline block copolymers in the bulk and in thin films
    Fairclough JPA, Mai SM, Turner S, Hamley IW, Viras K, Tirrell NJ, Booth C, Ryan AJ
    Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 218, U579-U580 (1999)
  36. Properties of polyvinylchloride in solution: an hydrodynamic and vibrational spectroscopy study
    Vassiliki-Alexandra Glezakou, Maria Soutzidou, Christos Loukoutos, Ioannis Xexakis, Kyriakos G. Viras
    J. Polymer Sci. B: Polymer Phys. 37, 1351 (1999)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1099-0488(19990701)37:13<1351::AID-POLB1>3.0.CO;2-Z]
  37. The LAM-1 band in the low-frequency Raman spectra of even and odd monosubstituted n-alkanes
    Soutzidou M, Masters AJ, Viras K, Booth C
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 1 415-419 (1999)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/a808092e]
  38. Investigation of the microphase separation in blends of polyurethane-based ionomers
    Tsonos C, Apekis L, Viras K, Stepanenko L, Karabanova L, Sergeeva L
    J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B39 155-174 (2000)
    [DOI: 10.1081/MB-100100378]
  39. Aqueous solutions and gels of diblock copolymers of 1,2-butylene oxide and ethylene oxide studied by light scattering and rheology
    Antonis Kelarakis, Vasiliki Havredaki, Kyriakos Viras, Withawat Mingvanish, Frank Heatley, Colin Booth, and Shao-Min Mai
    J. Phys. Chem. B 105, 7384-7393 (2001)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/jp003364m]
  40. Dielectric behaviour of alpha-cyclodextrin, heptakis (2,3,6-tri-O-methyl)-beta-cyclodextrin, randomly methylated beta-cyclodextrin and low frequency Raman spectra of alpha- and beta-cyclodextrins
    John C. Papaioannou, Nikos D. Papadimitropoulos and Kyriakos Viras
    Mol. Phys. 99, 239-245 (2001)
  41. Electrical and dielectric behavior in blends of polyurethane-based ionomers
    C. Tsonos, L. Apekis, K. Viras, L. Stepanenko, L. Karabanova, L. Sergeeva
    Solid State Ionics 143 229-249 (2001)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/S0167-2738(01)00858-X]
  42. Phase behavior and molecular mobility in polyurethane/styrene-acrylonitrile blends
    A. S. Vatalis, A. Kanapitsas, C. G. Delides, K. Viras, P. Pissis
    J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 80 1071-1084 (2001)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1002/app.1192]
  43. Low-frequency Raman spectroscopy of n-alcohols. LAM vibration and crystal structure
    Maria Soutzidou, Vassiliki-Alexandra Glezakou, Kyriakos Viras, Madeleine Helliwell, Andrew J. Masters, and Mark A. Vincent
    J. Phys. Chem. B 106 4405-4411 (2002)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/jp025586l]
  44. Chain Folding in Semicrystalline Oxybutylene/Oxyethylene/Oxybutylene Triblock Copolymers Studied by Raman Spectroscopy
    Kyriakos Viras, Antonis Kelarakis, Vasiliki Havredaki, Shao-Min Mai, Anthony J. Ryan, Dharmista Mistry, Withawat Mingvanish, Paul MacKenzie, and Colin Booth
    J. Phys. Chem. B. 107 6946-6953 (2003)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/jp026914k]
  45. Molecular order and dynamics in block copolymers of poly(oxybutylene) and poly(oxyethylene)
    Fragiadakis D, Bouga M, Kyritsis A, Pissis P, Viras K, Mingvanish W, Booth C
    Macromol. Symp. 191 21-30 (2003)
  46. Low-frequency Raman spectroscopy of oxyethylene/oxybutylene/oxyethylene triblock copolymers
    Viras K, Mai SM, Ryan AJ, Yu GE, Booth C, Chaibundit C
    Macromolecules (Washington, DC, U. S.) 37 3077-3079 (2004)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/ma0359842]
  47. Effects of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs in membrane bilayers
    Kyrikou I, Hadjikakou SK, Kovala-Demertzi D, Viras K, Mavromoustakos T
    Chem. Phys. Lipids 132 157-169 (2004)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.chemphyslip.2004.06.005]
  48. Phase transitions in crystals of racemic long chain 2-amino alcohols
    Xynogalas P, Kanapitsas A, Constantinou-Kokotou V, Pissis P, Viras K
    Chem. Phys. Lipids 135 83-92 (2005)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.chemphyslip.2005.02.007]
  49. Chain-length-dependent conformational transformation and melting behaviour of alkyl/oligo(oxyethylene)/alkyl triblock compounds: alpha-octyl-omega-octyloxyoligo(oxyethylene)s
    Fukuhara K, Mizawa T, Inoue T, Kumamoto H, Terai Y, Matsuura H, Viras K
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 7 1457-1463 (2005)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1039/b414340j]
  50. Effect of a bioactive curcumin derivative on DPPC membrane: A DSC and Raman spectroscopy study
    Kostantinos Gardikis, Sophia Hatziantoniou, Kyriakos Viras and Costas Demetzos

    Thermochim. Acta 447 1-4 (2006)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.tca.2006.03.007]
  51. A DSC and Raman spectroscopy study on the effect of PAMAM dendrimer on DPPC model lipid membranes
    Konstantinos Gardikis, Sophia Hatziantoniou, Kyriakos Viras, Matthias Wagner and Costas Demetzos
    Int. J. Pharm. 318 118-123 (2006)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2006.03.023]
  52. AC-conductivity and Raman spectra of polyiodide inclusion compounds (β-cyclodextrin)2·KI7·16H2O and (β-cyclodextrin)2·LiI7·14H2O during the dehydration process
    John C. Papaioannou, Vasileios G. Charalampopoulos, Pantelis Xynogalas and Kyriakos Viras
    J. Phys. Chem. Solids 67 1379-1386 (2006)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.jpcs.2006.01.109]
  53. Sorption properties of modified single-walled carbon nanotubes
    E. C. Vermisoglou, V. Georgakilas, E. Kouvelos, G. Pilatos, K. Viras, G. Romanos and N.K. Kanellopoulos
    Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 99 98-105 (2007)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2006.07.035]
  54. Interactions of the dipeptide paralysin -Ala-Tyr and the aminoacid Glu with phospholipid bilayers
    Ioanna Kyrikou, Nikolas P. Benetis, Petros Chatzigeorgiou, Maria Zervou, Kyriakos Viras, Constantine Poulos, Thomas Mavromoustakos
    Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1778, 113-124 (2008)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.bbamem.2007.09.019]
  55. Micellar and surface properties of a poly(methyl methacrylate)-block-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) copolymer in aqueous solution
    Antonios Kelarakis, Tian Tang, Vasiliki Havredaki, Kyriakos Viras, Ian W. Hamley
    J. Colloid Interface Sci. 320, 70-73 (2008)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2007.12.030]
  56. Polymer-Surfactant Vesicular Complexes in Aqueous Medium
    Antonios Kelarakis, Valeria Castelletto, Marta J. Krysmann, Vasiliki Havredaki, Kyriakos Viras, and Ian W. Hamley
    Langmuir 24, 3767-3772 (2008)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/la703745z]
  57. Optical portable biosensors based on stabilized lipid membrane for the rapid detection of doping materials in human urine
    Dimitrios P. Nikolelis, Garyfallia Raftopoulou, Petros Chatzigeorgiou, Georgia-Paraskevi Nikoleli, Kyriakos Viras
    Sens. Actuators, B 130, 577-582 (2008)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.snb.2007.10.011]
  58. Interactions of Bovine Serum Albumin with Ethylene Oxide/Butylene Oxide Copolymers in Aqueous Solution
    Antonios Kelarakis, Valeria Castelletto, Marta J. Krysmann, Vasiliki Havredaki, Kyriakos Viras, and Ian W. Hamley
    Biomacromolecules 9, 1366-1371 (2008)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/bm800046m]
  59. Interactions of an anionic surfactant with poly(oxyalkylene) copolymers in aqueous solution
    Antonios Kelarakis, Chiraphon Chaibundit, Marta J. Krysmann, Vasiliki Havredaki, Kyriakos Viras and Ian W. Hamley
    J. Colloid Interface Sci. 330, 67-72 (2009)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2008.10.045]
  60. Development of a CP 31P NMR Broadline Simulation Methodology for Studying the Interactions of Antihypertensive AT1 Antagonist Losartan with Phospholipid Bilayers
    Charalambos Fotakis, Dionisios Christodouleas, Petros Chatzigeorgiou, Maria Zervou, Nikolas-Ploutarch Benetis, Kyriakos Viras and Thomas Mavromoustakos
    Biophys. J. 96, 2227-2236 (2009)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.bpj.2008.11.057]
  61. Solid-Solid Phase Transitions in DL-Norvaline Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Raman Spectroscopy
    Petros Chatzigeorgiou, Nikos Papakonstantopoulos, Nikolitsa Tagaroulia, Evangelos Pollatos, Pantelis Xynogalas and Kyriakos Viras
    J. Phys. Chem. B 114, 1294-1300 (2010)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1021/jp9096106]
  62. Structure-property relationships in isotactic polypropylene/multi-walled carbon nanotubes nanocomposites
    E. Logakis, E. Pollatos, Ch. Pandis, V. Peoglos, I. Zuburtikudis, C.G. Delides, A. Vatalis, M. Gjoka, E. Syskakis, K. Viras and P. Pissis
    Composites Sci. Tech. 70, 328-335 (2010)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.compscitech.2009.10.023]
  63. Interactions at the bilayer interface and receptor site induced by the novel synthetic pyrrolidinone analog MMK3
    C. Fotakis, S. Gega, E. Siapi, C. Potamitis, K. Viras, P. Moutevelis-Minakakis, C.G. Kokotos, S. Durdagi, S. Golic Grdadolnik, B. Sartori, M. Rappolt, and T. Mavromoustakos
    Biochim. Biophys. Acta Biomembr 1798, 422-432 (2010)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.bbamem.2009.11.009]
  64. An insight into the disorder properties of the -cyclodextrin polyiodide inclusion complex with Sr2+ ion: dielectric, DSC and FT-Raman spectroscopy studies
    V. G. Charalampopoulos, J. C. Papaioannou, K. Viras, H. S. Karayianni and G. Kakali
    Supram. Chem. 22, 499-510 (2010)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1080/10610278.2010.487563]
  65. Morphological, thermal and electrical characterization of syndiotactic polypropylene/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
    E. Pollatos, E. Logakis, P. Chatzigeorgiou, V. Peoglos, I. Zuburtikudis, M. Gjoka, K. Viras, and P. Pissis
    J. Macrom. Sci., Part B: Physics 49, 1044-1056 (2010)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1080/00222341003609708]
  66. Interactions of the AT1 antagonist valsartan with dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine bilayers
    C. Potamitis, P. Chatzigeorgiou, E. Siapi, K. Viras, T. Mavromoustakos, A. Hodzic, G. Pabst, F. Cacho-Nerin, P. Laggner and M. Rappolt
    Biochim. Biophys. Acta Biomembr 1808, 1753-1763 (2011)
    [PDF] [DOI: 10.1016/j.bbamem.2011.02.002]
  67. Comparison among Different Processing Conditions in Synthesis of Polypropylene/Carbon Nanotubes Composites Using Raman Spectroscopy
    Pollatos, Evangelos; Chatzigeorgiou, Petros; Gjoka, Margarit; Viras, Kyriakos
    Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering 54, 81-86 (2015)
    [DOI: 10.1080/03602559.2014.935418]
  68. Investigation of the Interactions of Silibinin with 2-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin through Biophysical Techniques and Computational Methods
    Kellici, Tahsin F.; Ntountaniotis, Dimitrios; Leonis, Georgios; Chatziathanasiadou, Maria; Chatzikonstantinou, Alexandra V.; Becker-Baldus, Johanna; Glaubitz, Clemens; Tzakos, Andreas G.; Viras, Kyriakos; Chatzigeorgiou, Petros; Tzimas, Stavros; Kefala, Evangelia; Valsami, Georgia; Archontaki, Helen; Papadopoulos, Manthos G.; Mavromoustakos, Thomas
    Molecular Pharmaceutics 12, 954-965 (2015)
    [DOI: 10.1021/mp5008053]
  69. Comparative study of interactions of aliskiren and AT(1) receptor antagonists with lipid bilayers
    Sadeghpour, A.; Rappolt, M.; Ntountaniotis, D.; Chatzigeorgiou, P.; Viras, K.; Megariotis, G.; Papadopoulos, M. G.; Siapi, E.; Mali, G.; Mavromoustakos, T.
    Biochim. Bioph. Acta Biomembr. 1848, 984-994 (2015)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.bbamem.2014.12.004]
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