T. Kalogerakos: Publications

  1. Glutamic-aspartic transaminase--antitransaminase interaction: a method for antienzyme purification
    I Patramani, K Katsiri, E Pistevou, T Kalogerakos, M Pavlatos, and AE Evangelopoulos
    Eur. J. Biochem. 11 28-36 (1969)
  2. On antigenic determinants of glutamic-aspartic transaminase
    Patraman.IM, Katsiri KD, Dimitropopoulos CG, Kalogerakos TG, Pavlatos MP, Evangelopoulos AE
    Eur. J. Biochem. 15 293-& (1970)
  3. On antigenic determinants of glutamic-aspartic transaminase
    Patraman.I, Katsiri K, Dimitropopoulos C, Kalogerakos T, Pavlatos M, Evangelopoulos AE
    Immunochemistry 7 868-& (1970)
  4. Simultaneous determination of pyridoxal-p and pyridoxamine-p by an enzyme-substrate complex of aspartate transaminase
    Evangelopoulos AE, Karnikatsadima I, Kalogerakos TG
    Enzymologia 40 37-& (1971)
  5. Interaction of aliphatic and aromatic dicarboxylic-acids with aspartate aminotransferase
    Harris H, Kalogerakos T, Bayley PM, Evangelopoulos AE
    Biochem. J. 126 P20-& (1972)
  6. Experimental evidence for a hydrophobic active center of glutamic-aspartic transaminase - specific interaction of holoenzyme and apoenzyme with 2 fluorescein derivatives
    Dimitropopoulos CG, Oikonomakos NG, Karnikatsadima IA, Kalogerakos TG, Evangelopoulos AE
    Eur. J. Biochem. 38 537-552 (1973)
  7. Interaction of aspartate-aminotransferase with mercurochrome - relationship of an exposed thiol-group of enzyme to active-center
    Kalogerakos TG, Oikonomakos NG, Dimitropoulos CG, Karnikatsadima IA, Evangelopoulos AE
    Biochem. J. 167 53-63 (1977)
  8. Cobalt(III) labeling of methionyl-transfer RNA-synthetase from escherichia-coli
    Kalogerakos T, Blanquet S, Waller JP
    Eur. J. Biochem. 93 339-343 (1979)
  9. Proteolytic cleavage of methionyl transfer ribonucleic-acid synthetase from bacillus-stearothermophilus - effects on activity and structure
    Kalogerakos T, Dessen P, Fayat G, Blanquet S
    Biochemistry 19 3712-3723 (1980)
  10. Removal of the tightly bound zinc from escherichia-coli trypsin-modified methionyl-transfer RNA-synthetase
    Mayaux JF, Kalogerakos T, Brito KK, Blanquet S
    Eur. J. Biochem. 128 41-46 (1982)
  11. Effect of the overproduction of phenylalanyl-transfer RNA and threonyl-transfer RNA-synthetases on transfer RNAphe and transfer RNAthr concentrations in escherichia-coli-cells
    Fayat G, Fromant M, Kalogerakos T, Blanquet S
    Biochimie 65 221-225 (1983)
  12. Modification of aminoacyl-transfer-rna synthetases with pyridoxal-5'-phosphate - identification of the labeled amino-acid-residues
    Kalogerakos T, Hountondji C, Berne PF, Dutka S, Blanquet S
    Biochimie 76 33-44 (1994)
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