Fifth European Workshop on

Uppsala, Sweden

13-18 April, 2000

Scientific organizing committee:

E. Brändas and H. Ågren University of Uppsala and The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
R. McWeeny Universita di Pisa, Italy
J. Maruani C.N.R.S., Paris, France
Y.G. Smeyers C.S.I.C., Madrid, Spain
S. Wilson Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxon, England

Local organizing committee:
E. Brändas, L. Eriksson, O. Goscinski, S. Lunell, Department of Quantum Chemistry, University of Uppsala

Scientific and Social Programme

Online registration form The registration will close on Friday 7 April.

List of registered participants Please check to see if you are included! (If not please fill in registration form above and check again next day.)


Previous (second) announcement

This is the FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT for the QSCP V Workshop.

Please read it carefully. PLEASE NOTE THE REVISED RATES

This Workshop, like the previous meetings held in Pisa (1996), Oxford (1997), Granada (1998) and Marly (1999), will bring together chemists and physicists interested in many-body quantum systems in the molecular and material sciences. The emphasis will be on innovative theory, its computational realization, and applications.


Participants giving oral or poster presentations are invited to submit a 'camera-ready' text on a single size of A4. To allow for binding, left margins should be at least 2.5 cm (1 inch). Titles should be centered in boldface block capitals, and the names of authors in smaller capital letters. The name of the author presenting the contribution should be underlined. The address(es) of the institution(s) may be given in italics. There should be a list of keywords at the bottom of the page.

Abstracts should be written in standard British or American English and sent preferably by e-mail to The deadline for submitting abstracts is 1 April.

Only abstracts following the pattern and style defined above will appear in the book of abstracts. Every participant will be given a copy of the book of abstracts on arrival at the registration desk.


Participants will be expected to arrive on Thursday, 13 April, 2000. Registration will take place from 15:30 to 18:30 at the Basic Hotel. There will be an introductory session starting at 19:00 which will include the Lowdin Lecture. A buffet dinner will be available.

On Friday, 14 April, Saturday, 15 April, and Monday, 17 April, there will be a full day of lectures beginning at 09:00 and ending at 19:00, with a one hour break for lunch at 13:30 and dinner at 19:00.

On Sunday 16 April there should be a guided visit to the Museum Gustavianum, the Dome and the Linnean Garden. There will be free time for discussions and/or sightseeing in nearby Stockholm. The Workshop Banquet will be held in the evening.

The meeting will end after lunch on Tuesday, 18 April, 2000.

The Workshop will include sessions on :

  • Density matrices and density functionals (DMF)
  • Electron correlation treatments: many-body methods and configuration interaction (ECT)
  • Relativistic formulations and effects (RFE)
  • Valence theory: chemical bonds and bond breaking (VT)
  • Nuclear motion: vibronic effects, flexible molecules (NM)
  • Response theory: properties and spectra; atoms and molecules in strong electric and magnetic fields(RT)
  • Condensed matter: clusters and crystals, surfaces and interfaces (CM)
  • Reactive collisions and chemical reactions (RC)
  • Computational chemistry, biochemistry and chemical physics (CC)
  • Each participant giving an oral presentation will have about 25 minutes allocated for his talk and subsequent questions. More specifically, talks will be arranged in groups of three with 20 minutes allocated to each speaker followed by a period of 15 minutes for discussions on the talks in the group.


    Poster contributions will be divided into two groups, A and B. Group A will be displayed on Friday & Saturday; group B will be displayed on Monday & Tuesday. Each poster should fit within an area measuring about 100 cm x 100 cm. Pannels and pins will be provided. In addition there will be sessions of oral presentations of posters (3 min each).


    All contributions will be subject to a strict refereeing process.

    A substantial discount will be available to participants ordering a copy for their personal use before publication. Details will be made available during the workshop. It is planned to publish the Proceedings of the Workshop in the Academic Press series "Advances in Quantum Chemistry". Ideally, participants should bring two copies of their contribution to the workshop. The deadline for submission after the workshop is 31st May, 2000. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS WILL BE REFEREED.

    Participants paying in advance for a copy of the proceedings for their personal use can obtain a substantial discount (see below for details).


    The workshop will be held in the city of Uppsala in south-east Sweden. The city boasts a fine Gothic style cathedral founded in 1289, a famous University, and the house and garden of the well known botanist Carolus Linnaeus. Founded in 1477 by Archbishop Jakob Ulfsson, the University of Uppsala is the oldest seat of learning in the Nordic countries. Today, it attracts about 36,000 students.

    Participants will be expected to arrive on Thursday, 13 April, 2000. Registration will take place from 15:30 to 18:30 at the Basic Hotel. The meeting will end after lunch on Tuesday, 18 April, 2000. The timing has been chosen in order to allow participants coming by air to benefit from weekend rates. Participants will be accommodated in the Basic Hotel [].

    All lectures and posters will be are given at Ihresalen, Teknikum. The Teknikum can be reached by following S:t Olofsgatan towards Universitetshuset and then continuing via Asgrand and the left edge of the Kyrkogarden to the Teknikum. Lunch and dinner will be available close by. Breakfast will served at the Basic Hotel.


    The total cost of participation in the Workshop for five days, including registration, full room and board and social programme, is as follows:-

    Single room including the published proceedings SEK 7900
    Single room excluding the published proceedings SEK 6950
    Accompanying dependent in other single room SEK 5200

    Double room including the published proceedings SEK 6500
    Double room excluding the published proceedings SEK 5550
    Accompanying dependent in same double room SEK 4200

    Quadruply occupied room including the published proceedings SEK 5250
    Quadruply occupied room excluding the published proceedings SEK 4300

    Participants should note that Academic Press will provide the main author of each paper one free copy of the volume in which his paper appears.

    Participants and coauthors will be entitled to a substantial discount on the issue of Advances in Quantum Chemistry in which the proceedings are published provided they placed their order during the workshop

    Any participant who have already made payment but do not wish to order a copy of the proceedings will be entitled to a refund of SEK 950.

    The above charges include registration, accommodation, breakfast served in the Hotel, lunch and dinner, together with coffee, the workshop banquet and sightseeing. For nonresidents a fee of SEK 2500 covers registration, lunch and coffee, as well as the workshop banquet and sightseeing.

    The above costs do NOT include accident or medical insurance: every participant should have his own full accident and medical coverage from his home institution or company for the duration of the meeting.

    The deadline for paying the above amounts has been extended to 31st March 2000. After this date they will be increased by 10%. Payment may be made by bank transfer to:-

    Uppsala University
    Postgiro Bank AB
    SE-105 06 Stockholm
    Account No: 183797-0
    SE-105 71 Stockholm
    Account No: 5048-1100
    The reference is (four different numbers): 3550, 1140, 22, 11431400.


    Alternative payment can be made by Eurocheque in SEK (adding SEK 100 to cover bank fees payable in Sweden) made payable to QSCP-V and sent to Prof. E. Brandas at the address given below.)

    A small number of bursaries will be available for younger participants, particularly from Eastern Europe.


    Maps of Uppsala and Uppland can be viewed on the Web.

    By plane:
    If you are coming by plane (airport is Arlanda, see map between Uppsala and Stockholm) you should take the airport bus no 801 and go to the end stop. The end stop is on Dragarbrunnsgatan, Celsiushuset. Basic Hotel lies in the crossing between S:t Olofsgatan and Kungsgatan.

    By train or by bus:
    If you are coming by train or bus, you can easily find the above mentioned crossing from the Central Station and the nearby Bus Station.

    By car:
    If you are coming by car you are probably entering Uppsala via E4 from Stockholm. Turn left at the first opportunity and after a while pass under the railway tracks (between Uppsala and Stockholm). Turn right at Kungsgatan and follow the street until it crosses S:t Olofsgatan. Basic Hotel lies opposite Cederbladsskolan marked on the map.

    BASIC HOTEL -Tourist information & Hotel information

    "Basic Hotel is situated right in the centre of Uppsala, close to Uppsala´s varied cultural life and historical sites."

    For further details see