Room and presentation selection form for QSCP VIII

First (given) name:
Last name (surname):
E-mail address:

Room preference: I could share a room
I would like a room by myself
I would like to reserve a room for my party
If you wish to stay at Lefka Palace Hotel before the start of the workshop, the organizing committee can make a reservation on your behalf. The cost, to be paid directly to the hotel, is estimated at 90 for a room single occupancy and 100 for double occupancy per night with breakfast.

Presentation preference: I do not wish to give a talk or present a poster
I would like to present my work in a talk only
I would like to present my work as a poster only
I would like to present my work either in a talk or as a poster
I would like to both give a talk and present a poster
Title(s) of talk or poster to be presented:
Please remember to submit an abstract by the 15th of July following the sample format.

Suggestions, comments and additional information:

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