Zeitschrift fr Physikalische Chemie, 2002, Volume 216, Issue 08, p. 961

Nikos G. Tsierkezos, Ioanna E. Molinou

Transference Numbers, Conductance and Viscosity Studies of Copper Sulfate in Ethylene Glycol–Water Mixtures at 20 C


Cell voltage (emf), conductivities and viscosities of copper(II) sulfate solutions in ethylene glycol-water mixtures have been measured at 20 C. The transference numbers of CuSO4 have been calculated from emf measurements of concentration cells with transference. The limiting molar (L) and ionic conductances (l+,l-) as well as the ion association constants (KA) of the salt have been evaluated. The viscosity data have been analysed according to the modified Jones-Dole equation. The Stokes' radii (rSt) have been evaluated as well.