Chemical Physics
Volume 67, Issue 2 , 15 May 1982, Pages 177-184

Collision-induced absorption in non-polar molecular liquids: Tetrahedral molecules

H. -J. Arning, J. Samios, K. Tibulksi and Th. Dorfmüller

University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Chemistry, 4800 Bielefeld 1, West Germany

Received 30 November 1981.  Available online 15 November 2001.


The far infrared absorption spectra of liquid CH4, CF4 and CCl4 were measured in the range between 15 and 200 cm−1 The octupole induced dicole moment correlation functions of these liquids and of liquid CBr4, which was recalculated from literature data, were compared to the corresponding theoretical correlation functions obtained by molecular dynamics simulation and by analytical theory. At short times(0.05 ps in CH4 and 0.2 ps in CCl4) the experimental correlation function follows the model reorientational correlation functions. At longer times this is no more the case and the dynamics coherence observed is qualitatively interpreted in terms of a structural correlation in the liquids.

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