Chemical Physics
Volume 102, Issues 1-2 , 15 February 1986, Pages 147-153

Interaction-induced far infrared spectra of liquid CS2-CCl4 mixtures

Lothar Potthast, Jannis Samios and Thomas Dorfmüller

Fakultät für Chemie, Universität Bielefeld, D-4800 Bielefeld, Postfack 8640, FRG

Received 25 June 1985.  Available online 16 November 2001.


The far infrared absorption spectra of pure liquid CS2 and CCl4 and of their mixtures at three different mole fractions have been obtained at room temperature. The integrated absorption, the effective dipole moments and the dipole correlation functions have been calculated. The results indicate that these quantities of the mixtures cannot be calculated as a sum of additive contributions of the pure components. The applicability of two different models, an isolated binary interaction model and a concentration fluctuation model, is discussed. The changes of the spectra and of the induced dipole autocorrelation functions with composition are interpreted in terms of a time-dependent cancellation of molecular dipoles by local fluctuations of density, concentration and molecular orientation.

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