2009 Pitta cutting

On 29 January 2009, Division I of the Department of Chemistry comprising the Laboratories of Physical and Analytical Chemistry assembled in the Physical Chemistry library to celebrate the New Year. The director of the Division Prof. Mavridis provided, according to custom, the pitta, completed the task of cutting it and proceeded, eventually, to win this year's hidden token. Former members of the Physical Chemistry Laboratory were invited most notably Dr. Sofia Vasiliadou-Athanassiou and husband Evangelos Athanassiou.

Current and former staff of the Physical Chemistry Laboratory. From left to right: V. Meligonis, M. Palaiologou, E. Athanassiou, F. Aroni, E. Mavrouli, S. Athanassiou, J. Samios, J. Papaioannou, A, Koutselos, A. Mavridis, T. Kalogerakos, V. Havrdaki, I. Molinou, A. Tsekouras, K. Viras, J. Xexakis, A. Athanassiou. Absent from picture A. Papakondylis

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Note: The lower 28 pictures were adapted from http://playschool.noc.uoa.gr/~sbolis/pita-2009-I/ where they are deposited curtesy of Mr. Spyros Bolis. They were originally taken by Mr. Bolis and associates.