Instructions to participants regarding talks and posters

Participants who wish to give a 15 minute talk or present a poster should provide a title via e-mail (acac2020@chem.uoa.gr). If many people wish to speak, some will be asked to present their work as a poster. If this is not an option for some participants, please indicate so.

An abstract will also be required so it can be included in the abstract book to be posted on the conference webpage. A sample abstract is available here. You are asked to preserve the format and most importantly to not exceed the one page limit. Abstracts should be submitted in "portable document format" (pdf) as e-mail attachments to acac2020@chem.uoa.gr by the 25th of May 2018.

Posters should be at most 80 cm wide. Their height may be 120 cm.

Book of Abstracts acac2021